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Dream Catchers

Customer service, professionalism, equipment and experience. Since 1993 Dream Catcher Charters has continued to grow due to unrivaled repeat clientele that have come to trust us year after year to ensure they experience the very best in a fishing and boating charter service in Key West, Florida.

Key West Fishing

Not many places in the world can you be on amazing inshore fishing with lush tropical flats filled full of life in search of the Key West grand Slam of tarpon, permit and bonefish in a single day. Then fishing on one of the hundreds of ship wrecks that dot the Gulf and the Atlantic both near and far. Top that off with a Gulf Stream Fishery that is blue water madness for many pelagic species just a few miles away.

We have it all right here in Key West, Florida.

Fishing Charters For Everyone

Young or old, new to fishing or seasoned pro we cover it all here at Dream Catcher Charters. From the flats to offshore there are many levels of anglers we cater to everyone with a tremendous amount of experience, knowhow and customer service making everyone feel like they are part of it all.

Every trip is custom tailored to our clients needs. Whatever it is you want to do on the water here in Key West, we can probably make it happen. All you have to do is call our office and see what we can do for you.

We ain't scared....

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Dream Catchers

Capt. Steven P. Lamp -Owner


Email: info@dreamcatchercharters.com
Other website: www.dreamcatchercharters.com

    5555 College Rd
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Our Most Popular Signature Fishing Charters

The Tarpon Club - Tarpon fishing charters to fish for the giant silver king day and night. Live bait, Artificial, and fly fishing.

Shallow Water Monsters Tour - Shark fishing and anything else with teeth. It's a lesson in food chain management.

All In Wonder Fishing Tour - Fishing for it all backcountry and near shore wrecks. All of our near shore trips combined for a taste of it all.

Wrecks - Reefs And More - Our Wreck and reef trip offers more to our anglers for diversity offshore. Its the All In Wonder of the deep.

Family Fun All In One - Affordable Family fun fishing never was better. Fishing, snorkeling, learning seeing dolphins, sight seeing and just enjoying the day. Custom tailored to you..

The Marquesas Express - The Marquesas Keys our bay boats are awesome, so why not go where we can really impress you. . Pristine, quiet and fishy. Check it out.

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Key West As A Destination

Key West is as diverse in it's fishing as it is in it's rich colorful culture. Our many restaurants are made to delight the visitor. Our very own Island Gen. is the local on line Key West food critic with insight on where to eat with her Key West restaurant reviews.

It's about you

Let's make your Key West fishing day about you. We will take you to whatever level you want to be at. Relax and just bend rods, teach the kids how to fish or you can target specific species with a honed veteran pro fishing guide. Go and catch huge tarpon with little or no experience or go trolling the deep blue waters with some friends, either way always have an awesome day.

Live the Dream Fishing in Key West, Florida with Dream Catcher Charters.